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that a $25 donation funds two cooking classes that help instruct our members on cooking skills?

…that a $50 donation funds transportation to and from work for two people for a whole week?

…that a $100 donation funds two days of training for a person with a developmental disability, so they can attend our program?

By making a tax deductible contribution to Nobody’s Perfect Inc. you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your generosity has assisted in improving the lives and promoting independence of the people we serve through our Employment and Day Training Programs.

We can accept donations that the State of Arizona will allow for the “CREDIT FOR DONATIONS MADE TO QUALIFYING CHARITABLE OGANIZATIONS “ (QCO Code 20447). It enables you to receive a tax credit of $400 for a single person and $800 for married couples. (Please see Arizona Department of Revenue Form 321 and Publication710. We do not offer tax advice; consult with your tax professional.) You will receive a receipt upon request.

Cash…Check…or Credit Card

Leftover Yard Sale Items

We will accept non-cash contributions, including clean and gently used furniture, clothing and miscellaneous household items that can be sold through our Thrift Stores in Queen Creek and Barry’s Bargains Thrift Store in Mesa. The stores receive donations Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm. You will receive a donation receipt upon request. Please know that we appreciate all offers and you can also make a donation pickup appointment by calling our main phone number at: (480) 840-9351.