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Larry’s Recycling Service

Larry is Nobody’s Perfect’s first entrepreneur. He does aluminum can recycling and paper shredding in his business within a business at the Guthrie Mainstream GREAT Center location. All the money he makes is his and Nobody’s Perfect provides record keeping and technical assistance with his equipment. Larry has gone to the metal recycling facility several times this year, where he has interacted with the staff and collected his own revenue. He has collection bins with signs placed at all the centers near the soda machines so those who purchase soft drinks can easily find a place to dispose of their cans. This contributes to Larry’s can collecting income.

The other part of Larry’s Recycling is document shredding. He will shred sometimes up to twenty pounds of paper at a time. The shredded paper is then disposed of in our paper recycling bin. He also recently acquired a second shredder to handle the amount of work that has been coming in.

Laser Toner Recycling

In November of 2009 we were awarded a contract to the State of Arizona to pick up and recycling empty laser toner cartridges. Through the Arizona State Set Aside Program, we have an enclave that travels to most of the state owned buildings collecting empty cartridges. This is offered at no charge to the state and revenue is generated as we sell the cartridges to companies that re-fill them with toner and sell them as remanufactured. We are working on other options for this recycling business that save money and keep our environment clean.